About Us

Who we are

We deliver products worldwide directly from China.

Portfolio of the products we are providing:

  • Marketing material
  • Private label – a selection of consumer goods for retail chains, wholesalers and e-commerce
  • Equipment for hotels and restaurants
  • Home décor and equipment products (tiles, furniture, lightening etc)
  • Packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products (aluminum, glass, plastic)


We are helping you to define your unique selling proposal: the products you offer to your customers are uniquely designed, customized to your needs, and fully adapted to the trends of the industry in which you operate.

By choosing us, you will be informed about the latest global trends and products, as we attend regularly all major trade fairs in China. On a request of a client, we can organize a visit to important fairs in China, enabling you to be on the top of the business and continuous growth.

We have long collaboration with the manufactures in China and we can guarantee the best choice of partners. -Our professional staff in China help our relationship with the client to be efficient and collaborative with the sense of ease for the client.

We value long term partnership as we have been collaborating with the numerous global brands over the years with a great success.


Procurement process

Delivering quotations and samples; organizing product inspections after production; organizing the factory visit on client’s request
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Finding the best product or manufacturer in China for the your needs (we can provide already existing product or arrange for a new production based on your idea)

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Container, LCL, train and air transport

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Export procedure

Providing all necessary documentation and certificates for customs clearance, in accordance with the law of the import country.